New Road Trek Motorhome

Colleen is enjoying our new motor home. This is one of our first rides to shake it down and make sure all of the systems work. All motorhomes have problems, and this one is no exception. So far, the right window will not roll back up and the coach battery seems to be having some problems holding a charge.

Crescent, OR Property For Sale

Nearly three splitable acres in Crescent, OR. Includes a house that needs work, but could be saved.

Creative real estate investors here is your chance! This property will more than double your money if you work it right. It is simply too far from my home and my schedule is too full to take on the work. Property is already in two parcels, so one split is easy (three separate parcels may be achievable). Put in a spectic, roll in a mobile home, and you are looking at rents of at least $600 per month for one parcel. Work witih the current renter, fix up the house a little, and you get rents of at least $400 for the house. That is a total of $1,000 per month in rents for very little investment.

I’m asking $55,000 for this property. I’m willing to talk to creative investors, but don’t get carried away. I can carry the contract, and there are any number of ways to make this work. Trades of any kind will be considered.