Colleen, Heidi, Tim, Jonathan, Sarah, Allison, Chris, Terry, Norine, and I all went the Portland Bruce Springsteen concert together, all courtesy of us! Due to a screw up trying to buy tickets in person and on-line at the same time, we ended up with 12 tickets. We sold two and gave away the rest.

Don and Mavis Poole came up too, and we all stayed at the Holiday Inn about two blocks from the Rose Garden. Great pre and post function fun!

As the picture above shows, we have “great” (hope you can read sarcasm) seat. The Boss is that little pixel in the middle of the picture below the bright lights.

This is my second Bruce concert, and I have to say that the Rising Tour concert Colleen and I went to in Sacramento 4-5 years ago was better. The sound was better, Bruce was a little more charged up, and Patty was there However, an average Springsteen concert is still an evangelical experience.

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