Could Replacing One CFL Really Save $800MM ?

I have always thought the claim of replacing one bulb with a CFL in every home would save $800MM per year was overstated. So, I did a little research, and it is not overstated. There are over 112MM households according to, and each 60W bulb running 8 hours per day replaced with a 60% more efficient CFL will save over $800MM per year. Here is the spreadsheet:

Hmm. iframes do not work on due to security issue, but the sheet is available on the link. Looks like the savings really are there. It is amazing how big 112,000,000 households really is. We have over 130 bulbs in our house. Some are rarely used, so CFL’s would not make sense, but if 1/3 were replaced all across the US, the saving would amount to billions. Wow.

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  1. I’ve started to replace all of mine with CFL’s and am considering beginning to replace a few with LED packs. It’s a pretty big deal.

    Hell, I’m looking at Tim’s recent move to Yurt living. Damn, that sounds like an appealing alternative to the dirty rat race.

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